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The ballet (Italian Balletto), is a particular form of dance and also the name of the relevant art. Ballet or classical dance is a form of dance whose movements are based on the total and absolute control of the body, which should be taught from an early age. It is recommended to initiate studies of this classical dance at an early age as the ballet is a discipline that requires concentration and effort capacity as an attitude and lifestyle.


Classes of rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and elasticity are essential for the physical preparation of our students and are enhanced to complement training in ballet and dance specialties. This subject contributes to the development of physical-motor attitudes, such as balance, leg strength, control and body control and agility


Modern and contemporary dance is a dance genre born in the early twentieth century and based on the interpretation and individual vision of the dancer or choreographer, his movements are free and fluid states expression, emotions, metaphors or abstract ideas. Their movements are rooted to the earth and seek to express the truth of the creator.


Afro-Cuban Dances are a wonderful example of the culture of resistance of slaves transported from various parts of Africa to Cuba, dances that accompanied the religious rites of these African cultures have become transformed as a result of processes of acculturation, heritage Cuban culture and one of its richest for dance and music sources on the island.

Caribbean Rhythms are a set of dances that have their origins in Central America or, specifically, in the Caribbean. Its roots back to the union of different styles from Europe, Africa and natives of different areas. These types of Caribbean Rhythms are recognized primarily throughout Latin America. In his music are used prominently, wind instruments. Some of the rhythms that stand out are: the cha-cha, Cuban son, merengue, bachata, cubatón, among others.

Ballet and Dance scenography directed by Art Dance Academy

The Hip hop is an artistic and cultural movement composed of a large conglomeration of attractive forms, originating in a marginal subculture in the South Bronx and Harlem in New York City among young Latinos and African Americans during the 1970s the reggaeton is an urban musical genre that comes from Hip Hop and Reggae and feeds on other Latin rhythms.

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